How to work with your inner power and set it free to work for you

My 3 step course for Soul-led leaders and creatives that gets you un-stuck and moving toward your dreams.

| taught by Judith Manriquez

Course description

So many Soul-led people feel stuck when it comes to living their purpose.

This short course is your blueprint for living your purpose - without the overwhelm, self-doubt, shame and disappointment.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to feel more comfortable with being the real you, and how to use your differences to take you farther, faster

  • How your Soul-energy flows so you stop doubting yourself and have greater confidence in your choices
  • How to know what's right for you so you stop feeling over-whelmed and burned out
  • Why you haven't felt heard or taken seriously, and what to change

Stop feeling stuck. Try my Soul-Aligned Action Approach.

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Judith Manriquez
Judith Manriquez
Soul Mastery Guide, Spiritual and Personal Development Mentor

I work with Soul-led leaders and creatives.

I see the Soul potential in people, and the path to realize it. My 1:1 work, writing and programs support you to see, feel and live your greatest potential - spiritually and physically.